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Discover how UniAlgar uses The Village to transform talent development through learning communities

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The rise of generative AI and rapid technological advancements have rendered traditional corporate training methods ineffective. The need for upskilling and reskilling is more urgent than ever, but traditional, hetero-directed learning approaches have struggled to engage employees effectively.


By adopting The Village platform, Algar Group has successfully transformed its corporate learning approach. This shift has resulted in higher engagement, more effective skills development, and a vibrant learning culture that empowers employees and fosters continuous innovation.

The Rise of Community-Based Approach in Corporate Learning

In the current landscape, characterized by the generative AI wave, industries face rapid transformations. For organizations to thrive, up-skilling and reskilling have become essential. Unfortunately, traditional corporate training methods have proven inadequate, necessitating an urgent transformation.

The Algar Group's vision for Learning Communities is not just about fostering collaborative learning, but about harnessing these communities as strategic tools for organizational growth, talent development, and continuous innovation.

Learning Communities have a catalytic power for continuous learning in organizations.

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Eliane Melgaço

VP of People


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What I found cool is that it works with diversity. The Company sees value beyond the positions.

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Lidiane Cristina

Customer Delivery Analyst


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Moving from Top-down to Self-Directed Learning
Traditional corporate learning has often relied on top-down/mandatory training, leading to low engagement. To address this, Algar Group has embraced a self-directed learning approach. This method places employees in control of their professional development, fostering proactive learning and engagement. By allowing employees to tailor their learning to their unique needs and interests, this approach promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, and ownership, ultimately enhancing efficiency, productivity, and job satisfaction.
Embracing Collaboration and Sharing
Algar Group has recognized the importance of shifting from controlled learning environments to open, inclusive ones. By fostering a culture of sharing, the organization encourages the exchange of insights, best practices, and experiences. This collaborative approach not only enhances individual learning but also cultivates a dynamic learning community within the organization.
The creation of a learning environment aimed at sharing knowledge accelerates the adoption of good practices in an organic and decentralized way.
The Village: A Practical Tool for Forward-Thinking Corporate Vision

Thais Pazini, Head of Corporate Culture and Learning at Algar Group, understands the transformative power of community-based learning. To implement this forward-thinking vision, Pazini introduced The Village, a platform for collaborative learning. The Village enables employees to engage in discussions, share knowledge, and learn from one another. This innovative solution has positioned Algar Group as a pioneer in making corporate learning engaging, measurable, and highly effective through learning communities.

The adoption of Archetypes as powerful symbols to foster learners interactions

The entire learning experience inside The Village is gamified through the adoption of Archetypes symbolism. An archetype is a universal symbol or pattern of behavior that represents a typical or recurring aspect of human experience. By incorporating archetypal characters and themes in The Village, we can create a more compelling and immersive learning experience that engages the learner's emotions and motivates them to succeed.

Empowering Collaboration and Growth

Algar Group's implementation of The Village exemplifies the practical and effective integration of community-based learning in the corporate environment. By leveraging the collective knowledge and experiences of employees, organizations can create a brighter future where learning is a shared endeavor that benefits the entire organization. This approach not only meets the demands of the modern workplace but also fosters a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.


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