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Discover how Algar Group is implementing upskilling and reskilling in the age of AI with The Village



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Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, Brazil



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Telecommunication, Tech, Agrotechnology



The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence, especially generative AI, is disrupting job roles across industries. This technological shift has rendered traditional corporate training methods ineffective, creating an urgent need for innovative upskilling and reskilling solutions to keep pace with evolving job requirements.


Through the Future-se Program, powered by The Village app on Microsoft Teams, Algar Group has successfully navigated this disruption. The program has fostered higher employee engagement, effective skills development, and a dynamic, adaptive learning culture, positioning Algar Group as a leader in modern corporate learning.

Reinventing Workplace Learning in the Age of AI

As generative AI transforms industries, upskilling and reskilling have become crucial for organizational success. Recognizing this, The AI Academy, in partnership with Algar Group, launched the Future-se Program under the World Economic Forum's Reskilling Revolution initiative. This program aims to upskill and requalify the entire workforce of the Algar Group using The Village app on Microsoft Teams.

Leveraging artificial intelligence, the program creates personalized learning experiences, ensuring that learning is tailored to each employee's unique needs and aspirations.

A Skills-First Approach

The Future-se Program adopts a skills-centered approach, mapping 12 areas of competence aligned with Algar Group's strategy. We identified key functions and positions for each area and created a skills map, including soft and hard skills. This pragmatic method aligns directly with the company's strategy, streamlining the process and avoiding time-consuming extensive taxonomies.

Creating a Dynamic Learning Environment with The Village

The Village app on Microsoft Teams has been instrumental in transforming Algar Group’s learning environment. It integrates a variety of curated resources, including free industry-leading content and internally created materials by Brain Innovation. We established 12 learning communities within The Village to foster knowledge exchange and professional growth. Top Voices, recognized experts in each area, promote internal knowledge sharing. Personalized learning plans support each participant's journey, addressing individual skill gaps.

Promoting Continuous Learning and Engagement

Agile methodologies foster continuous learning habits, creating personalized learning journeys based on initial self-assessments. We gather participants' interest in available positions and provide a shortlist of internal candidates based on periodic assessments.

The way for the future of work

The Village app has been crucial in achieving these results in just three months with a small team and budget. From creating personalized learning paths to evaluating participants, this success demonstrates how Algar Group, supported by The AI Academy, leads innovation in corporate learning, paving the way for the future of work.


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