Data Scientist

Course length

12 Weeks | 120 Hours

Data Scientist


Carmelo Iaria

As The AI Academy Founder & CEO, Carmelo has helped a number of clients developing, deploying and monitoring several Machine Learnig models to address a variety of business problems. 20+ years of international experience developing and bringing products and solutions to market give him a unique blend of technical and business acumen as well as the communication skills only great mentors master.

About this path

The Data Scientist guides the creation of predictive models thanks to a deep understanding of the mathematical models



Week 1
Live session with Mentor Introduction to Python
Intermediate Python

Week 2
Live session with Mentor
Data manipulation with pandas
Joining data with pandas

Week 3
Live session with Mentor
Introduction to Data Import with Python
Intermediate Importing Data with Python
Cleaning data with Python

Week 4
Live session with Mentor
Python Data Science Toolbox p1
Python Data Science Toolbox p2
Project - The Android App Market on Google Play

Week 5
Live session with Mentor
Introduction to Data Viz with Mapplotlib
Introduction to Data Viz with Seaborn
Intermediate Data Viz with Seaborn
Project - A Visual History of Nobel Prize

Week 6
Live session with Mentor
Working with Dates and Time in Python
Writing functions in Python

Week 7
Live session with Mentor
Exploratory Data Analysis in Python
Analyzing Police Activities with pandas

Week 8
Live session with Mentor
Project - Analog TV data
Project - GitHub History of the Scala Language
Project - The discovery of Handwashing
Project - Predicting Credit Card Approvals

Week 9
Live session with Mentor
Statistical thinking in Python p1
Statistical thinking in Python p2

Week 10
Live session with Mentor
Supervised Learning with scikit-learn
Unsupervised Learning in Python

Week 11
Live session with Mentor
Cluster Analysis in Python
ML with Tree-Based Models in Python

Week 12