Machine Learning Engineer
Path Program

Transform your career in 6 month. Build a solid foundation for you to succeed as a Machine Learning Engineer. Learn how to help organizations building predictive models to improve efficiency and performances across several business use cases. Get ready for a professional specialization track with experienced mentors and a professional certificate you will be proud of.

Become a Machine Learning Engineer!


3 February 2022


6 months

144 hours, 6 hours / week


live sessions with mentor

+ hands-on interactive courses


Accelerate your career transition

And start your path in a data-driven world

By the end of the program you will augment your Python programming skill set with the toolbox to perform supervised, unsupervised, and deep learning. You’ll learn how to process data for features, train your models, assess performance, and tune parameters for better performance. In the process, you’ll get an introduction to natural language processing, image processing, and popular libraries such as Spark and Keras.

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