Path Program

Give your people the skills they need to work with data in the real world and make better data-driven decisions.

Data Engineer course illustration

O Engenheiro de dados garante que os dados de qualidade estejam disponíveis de forma eficiente e repetível

Data Engineer course illustration

O Cientista de machine learning aplica análises avançadas e técnicas de desenvolvimento de software para criar modelos preditivos

Data Engineer course illustration

O Data storyteller comunica as informações contidas nos dados e os insights extraídos deles

Data Engineer course illustration

O Cientista de dados orienta a criação de modelos preditivos graças a um conhecimento profundo dos modelos matemáticos


Working with data requires perseverance, practice and passion. It means to be always hungry for challenges and updates. And calls for a continuous learning journey.

That's why we built our Path Programs in a way that trainees are able to consume content anywhere, from every platform, apply knowledge immediately with hands-on practice and effectively absorb it in small chunks. 

Our Learning



Users are able to consume content anywhere, running code directly from the browser


Users are able to apply knowledge immediately with hands-on practice to digest it effectively


Users are able to absorb knowledge in small chunks


To be successful, an organization must find the most efficient and effective manner of upskilling and reskilling its workforce. 

A Typical Week


Introduction to topic

Discuss and clarify doubts


Content from Experts

Interactive platform to apply learning


To guarantee engagement and ensure course completion 


Did you know that completion rates for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) register at just 3%?


MIT Research based on edX course data


Expert Mentoring

On our Path Programs trainees benefit from the expert guidance of our mentors. They establish a daily communication with trainees providing direct support and real-world assignment, report on learning performances, and motivation to successfully complete the course.

Daily communication with trainees

Report on learning performance

Real-world assignments

A Platform

for every-day practice

run code from browser

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Upon successful completion of the Program, participants receive the Certificate of Completion from The AI Academy, shareable on socials as proof of professional growth.

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