Data Thirsty

Did you ever got the feeling working with Machine Learnig that the more you play with data, the more you’re thirsty for more?

Once you have your basic tools in place to perform Data Mining you’re constantly scraping the web to find more interesting data sources. So I thought I’d use this page not to tell a story but to have a sharable list of data sources for the thirsy data scientists out there.

I know, there are a ton of articles sharing the dream data sources lists so I might not add a ton of value here, still for my own sake I’ll put this initial list out there and continue to update it (most recent added on top of the list) as I find more interesting sources. If nothing else I’ll make it easy for myself to find them here …

  1. Jen Underwood’s Favorite Public Data Source is a good start.

  2. Luke de Oliveira list on Startup Grind is a short but well organized one.

  3. Kaggle Datasets are an obvious yet mandatory option of course

  4. Data.World is a great platform for sharing datasets and playing with it

And of course, if you have rich sources to share please add a comment so we can keep this list growing.


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