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Future-se Program Shines at CBTD 24, Showcasing Innovation in Workforce Development

Thais Pazini, Algar Group and Carmelo Iaria, The AI Academy presenting the case on CBTD stage
Future-se Program at CBTD 2024

São Paulo, June 24, 2024 – The Future-se Program, a groundbreaking upskilling and requalification initiative developed by The AI Academy in partnership with the Algar Group, garnered significant attention at the 39th edition of the CBTD - Training and Development Brazilian Congress - has been selected among the 8 finalists of the prize Prêmio Destaque Gestão de Pessoas. This recognition by the Brazilian Training and Development Association (ABTD) underscores the program's substantial impact on the HR community and its innovative approach to workforce development.

The Future-se Program, presented under the title "UniAlgar, Programa Future-se: Upskilling e Reskilling nas Comunidades de Aprendizagem," captivated a prestigious audience with its strategic alignment to the rapidly evolving job market. Leveraging AI-driven personalized learning through The Village app on Microsoft Teams, the program addresses the pressing need for continuous skill enhancement and career requalification. This initiative, rooted in the Reskilling Revolution of the World Economic Forum, embodies the cutting-edge approach necessary to navigate the technological transformations shaping today's workplace.

Thais Pazini, Head of Corporate Culture at Algar Group, and Carmelo Iaria, Founder and CEO of The AI Academy, led the presentation, showcasing how the program aligns with the World Economic Forum's skills-first approach. By identifying key competencies, mapping skills for various roles, and utilizing AI to create dynamic, personalized learning experiences, Future-se has set a new benchmark in talent management.

“The Future-se Program is not just about upskilling; it's about transforming the way we approach learning and development to meet the demands of the future workplace," said Carmelo Iaria. "Our goal is to equip our workforce with the skills necessary to thrive in an ever-changing job market.”

The relevance of the Event for the Brazilian workforce development

The CBTD Congress, Brazil's premier event for training and development professionals, attracts a distinguished audience dedicated to advancing the field of human resources. The 39th edition of the congress provided an unparalleled platform for sharing best practices, exploring new trends, and networking with industry leaders. The recognition of the Future-se Program at such a high-profile event underscores its relevance and potential for widespread impact.

Congratulations to All Finalists and winners

We are deeply honored to have competed alongside such distinguished organizations, all of whom have demonstrated exceptional commitment to advancing human resources practices. Our heartfelt congratulations go out to the other seven finalists of the Prize Prêmio Destaque Gestão de Pessoas: AZUL Linhas Aéreas Brasileira, Embraer S.A., Fundação Renova, Ipiranga Produtos de Petróleo S/A, MODEC Serviços de Petróleo do Brasil Ltda, Petrobras, and Telefônica Brasil S.A. Being recognized alongside these industry leaders is a testament to the collective efforts in fostering innovation and excellence in people management.


About The AI Academy

The AI Academy is a leader in integrating artificial intelligence with corporate learning and development. Our mission is to leverage cutting-edge technology to create personalized, engaging, and effective learning experiences that empower individuals and organizations to thrive in the digital age.

About Algar Group

Algar Group is a diversified conglomerate with operations spanning various sectors, including telecommunications, agribusiness, and technology. Committed to innovation and excellence, Algar Group continuously strives to enhance its workforce's skills and capabilities to meet the evolving demands of the market.

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