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How to create your Recommendation System in less than 2 hours

Updated: May 18, 2023

Another must-see event sponsored by, with the participation of Magalu's recommendation, and with the participation and organization of The AI ​​Academy. In this Meetup we will address one of the areas of use of Artificial Intelligence that has a direct impact on the users' experience and business results. The recommendation engine market is a gigantic market, with estimates of reaching US $ 4B by 2022, and that was born largely with vertical solutions. These techniques have applications in various market segments, and are available due to technological innovations to be adopted horizontally by companies and technology users. Yes, now you can also create your recommendation engine. But we will not be alone in the discussion, we will have an incredible talk about Magalu's recommendation cases, and we will show you step by step how to build your Recommendation System using the latest Machine Learning techniques used by the largest companies in the world, with much H2O.

Magalu is one of the largest and most relevant retailers in Brazil that has won the trust of more than 20 million customers, for which it offers a product catalog composed of more than 10 million items. Aiming to understand, personalize and simplify the purchase journey of these consumers, Magalu has been implementing several models of recommendations over the years, both in industry and academia. This presentation covers a brief history of Magalu's recommendation system, the techniques (i.e. algorithms) we currently use, how we personalize the customer experience and what challenges we will tackle in the near future. If you have needs like retaining old customers and attracting new customers, getting more sales and a better return on investment (ROI), and analyzing large volumes of customer data to create recommendations, come join us. Now if you are a scholar, curious, enthusiastic, or passionate about data and Artificial Intelligence come too !!!


MINI BIO OF THE SPEAKER (S) - Felipe Siconha is a data scientist on the LuizaLabs / Magalu Recommendations team. He has a master's degree in computational modeling from LNCC, and is very interested in optimization and machine learning problems. - The AI ​​Academy Team

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