The big challenge of hiring technical resources - can HR help?

Hiring technical resources has always been a big challenge for small, medium and large companies. Without knowledge or tools to be able to technically evaluate a candidate, the work of the HR team is even more complex and you do not need to have a long work experience to know the tension between the human resources department and the manager / director who is hiring technical professionals to your team. In most cases it ends up being a frustrating experience for both sides (sometimes 3, counting the candidate's side ...). As the gringo would say: “it doesn’t have to be that way!” (ie - how to improve this). But let's go by parts ... The relationship between HR and Manager with vacancy A recent survey conducted by Hacker Rank shows a picture of this situation highlighting some reasons why this relationship is complicated. The key points of this research are:

  1. There is a big difference in the definition of successful hiring between HR and the manager / director who is hiring

  2. There is a big difference in what the two parties believe is needed to improve this relationship

1. Definition of successful hiring If, on the one hand, everyone agrees that the most important factor for a successful hiring lies in the alignment between the candidate's competencies and those desired for a given vacancy, there is much less alignment about which are the second, third and fourth characteristics to be used to measure the success of the hiring.

- Future Performance: it is considered one of the biggest success factors by 50% of the managers who are hiring a resource, while only 31% of the HR professionals agree with this; - Hiring time: it is rated as the second success metrics of a hiring by the HR person (44.9%) when the manager with the vacancy places this metric in the fourth place (28.2%)

Below the responses of the resource managers (left) and the HR team (right) visualize these differences.

2. How to improve the partnership between HR and Manager If the difference in priorities in a hiring process highlighted above is justified by the objectives of the area in which the company operates, this second question points to a difference in vision when it comes to improving the partnership between the parties. In a way, it is possible to read the distribution of responses from both sides as a request for improvement in specific aspects of this relationship.

Alignment on skills: with the speed of change of the skills needed to work in the technical areas, it is not surprising that managers see alignment on the candidate's skills as the biggest obstacle to improving the partnership Readiness in responses: on the other hand, HR personnel classify the ability of managers to offer assessment and feedback quickly as the biggest obstacle. In addition to the fact that managers have very full plates and that hiring is more of an activity over day-to-day work, this aspect of the relationship is amplified by the fact that - as evidenced in the first point above - close the hiring quickly is considered as one of the biggest success factor by HR.

Below the responses of the resource managers (left) and the HR team (right) visualize these differences.

Consensus on the process of hiring technical resources Despite the differing perspectives on this complex process, there are some points where consensus exists:

  1. The candidate's Curriculum has lost relevance

  2. How Artificial Intelligence can help in this process

1. The candidate's Curriculum has lost relevance

In fact, the curriculum does not even appear on the list of qualifications assessed before inviting a candidate for an interview.

~ 80% of responses indicate work experience as relevant ~ 46% of responses indicate years of experience as relevant Personal projects came in 3rd with 37% - in front of a title in computer science (35%) Portfolio (22.1%), Contribution in Open Source Software (18.1%) and Certificates (15.8%) of courses were in front of the Prestige of the Training School (10.6%)!

These data confirm how continuous and project-based learning - the foundation pillars of The AI ​​Academy - are trends already established in the market for technical professionals.

In addition, 75% of respondents indicated that in the past they have hired excellent candidates without a strong qualification in the role

2. How Artificial Intelligence can help in this process

The last interesting aspect of this research was a question about the role of Artificial Intelligence in the process of hiring technical professionals. Identify the candidates, Evaluate the candidates and their knowledge were indicated as areas where Artificial Intelligence will help more in the future.

Check out the full survey here


The hiring of human resources in the technical areas is a complex process with many challenges. This research points out some aspects where the HR staff and the Manager who needs to hire the professionals have different perspectives but also highlights some consolidated trends in the market. The complexity only increases when it comes to positions for Data Scientist, Data Engineer or Machine Learning Engineer and Artificial Intelligence vacancies - which is the focus of The AI ​​Academy.

Post cover image by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

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