PRISMA Program

The missing Data Science training for Business

Develop the core competencies required to become a Senior Data Scientist in a market leader company.


The missing Data Science training for Business

The hype around the profession has created an avalanche of training offers and it can be very confusing for an aspiring Data Scientist choosing where to focus his/her energy.

The AI Academy has created a 12 weeks Machine Learning Training Program designed from the ground up to truly prepare professionals to provide valuable data-driven insights to the organizations they work at.

Why is PRISMA different?


The Program

Our competence-based Program offers an unique mix of technical,  business and soft skills training. that will give you what it takes to create impact through Data Science in any organization


The Instructors

For each module you will have an expert in the specific competence taught, selected among the brightest and most innovative minds in the country


The Method

A balanced combination of theory and hands-on learning has been carefully designed to provide the perfect combination of scientific knowledge and application of data science to a real business environment 

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