Prisma Training Program

12 weeks remote squad training turns your talents into a productive and highly-efficient Data Science team


Live, interactive, stimulating, dynamic. The Prisma training program is anything but a sterile on-line course.

Your data scientists team will embrace data exploration, agile development, and interdisciplinary teamwork and become the real assets that generate fast business value to your company.


The skills challenge

The success of Data-Driven strategies have created a huge wave of demand for highly skilled data professionals.

Despite the proliferation of academic/training programs, the shortage of data scientists is likely to persist, and it brings about complex skills challenges. 

Re-skilling your workforce is a faster, cheaper and more effective solution.


why "prisma"?

The prism - originates from the latin word “prisma” - is the geometric figure able to decompose light, delivering a visible outcome. It evokes a space where a substantial transformation occurs.

The Prisma Training Program is a place where data scientists teams acquire the core competencies required to solve business problems and deliver value to their companies.

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12 weeks | 180 hours 

  • 108 hours of Instructor-led training

  • 72 minimum hours of project development

5 remote learning modules

  • Each module is 2 weeks long and is made of 6 ITL sessions 

  • Each ITL session is 3 hours long

  • Each module is led by an instructor

1 active learning project

  • Executed as an end to end workflow to design, build and deliver a Minimum Viable Product

  • Conducted in a cloud-based development environment

  • Developed over the 12 weeks of the program through home assignments with the support of an Agile Coach



Active Learning

The Prisma Training Program is designed with an Active Learning methodology that creates practical learning experiences by integrating knowledge gained from the core curriculum and focusing on real business problems in real-time.


Your squads will learn how to solve a specific business problem, relevant to your company, executing the end to end workflow to design, build and deliver a real world solution.


The Prisma training program gives you the chance to gain a double advantage: an effectively-trained workforce and a ready-to-use tailored project packed with a real business value for your company.

Squad Training

Lack of cross-functional integration is one of the main reasons why data  science project fails, yet classic training programs still focus on teaching individual techniques.


At Prisma we build the muscles and habits required to play as an Agile Data Science team and learn how to deliver true business value to your organization.

Data is a team sport, that's why we train squads!

Re-skilling your talents as a team your company will plunge into cross-function integration and gain a precious competitive advantage for your data-driven strategy.



Jonatas Piscirillo

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Technical Leader with over 18 years experience in building complex large scale systems and driving innovation at large enterprises

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Maker, dreamer, chaordic leader with 25 international experience in taking high-tech products to market.

The AI Academy CEO and founder

Pinko Pallo

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Agile Coach


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