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AI is promising huge efficiency gains across all business verticals but implementing AI-based solutions is still very complex with challenges going well beyond the technical aspects. 

Whether your most pressing challenge is to re-skill your workforce, build a brand new team, conduct your initial experiments, address a very specific use case or build a large scale solution, we can help defining and executing your journey in the adoption of Artificial Intelligence transforming your company into highly efficient, data‐driven, AI-first organization.


People is the strategy.

Give your people the right skills to execute a stellar data strategy and become the key asset for your company's AI transformation

  • PATH

    Mentor-led career tracks to equip your people with the skills they need to work with data in the real world and make better data-driven decisions.

  • Focused on skills integration, our Prisma Program is a training for data squads that turns your people into a productive and highly-efficient Data Science team.


    Enterprise product training for H2O Driverless AI to master the use of one of the most powerful Automated Machine Learning platforms.



Through Strategic Consulting, Continuous Machine Learning implementation and AI Solutions integration we can help to build a solid AI engine for your company

  • A ready-to-use toolbox that brings widely used CI/CD process to a Machine Learning workflow

  • Add intelligence to your Robotic Process Automation initiative by integrating custom algorithms with your RPA tool of choice


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