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Upskill and reskill your people at scale

Integrate continuous learning into the flow of work with The Village for Microsoft Teams

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The transformative power of Algar Group’s learning communities

Discover how Algar Group is revolutionizing upskilling and reskilling with The Village.

Learning Communities have a catalytic power for continuous learning in organizations.

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Eliane Melgaço

VP of People

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What I found cool is that it works with diversity. The Company sees value beyond the positions.

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Lidiane Cristina

Customer Delivery Analyst

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The formula for success was: support from leadership, partners who understand how to make learning happen in communities and believe that you can make it happen.

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Thais Pazini

Head of Corporate Culture

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Make learning engaging

The Village transforms traditional training into an interactive and engaging experience, by blending Social and Formal Learning within Corporate Learning Communities.

Measure learning for real

Blending rigorous scientific methodologies with the power of integrated AI assistants, The Village offers a scalable solution to continuously monitor the impact of learning on employees' job performance.

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Empower Your Experts, make learning scalable

While it's easy to integrate your existing learning catalogs, in The Village, you can decentralize and distribute the creation of learning resources to your company's subject matter experts, increasing content scalability, velocity, and relevance.

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Join the Reskilling Revolution

Together with Algar Group, The AI Academy has been selected by the World Economic Forum for their initiative "Reinventing Workplace Learning in the Era of AI'' in support of the Reskilling Revolution program.
We invite you to be part of this revolution, transforming talent development in your organization and embracing a future where learning is an integral part of your organizational culture.


Ready to re-imagine
talent development?

Discover how The Village unlocks the full potential of your workforce.

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