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This is the Future of Learning

Welcome to The Village, a Workplace Learning Platform that integrates

multi-modal learning into the flow of work and delivers measurable business impact.


In 2021 we set on a journey to create an new Workplace Learning experience that would be truly engaging for learners and provide measurable business impact for companies.

After a deep search performed with our early adopter Customers across territories such as Neuroscience, Game Theory, Metadesign and Learning Communities we have a validated methodology that makes learning in the workplace as engaging and addicting as videogames.

We call it The Learning Game.


Underneath the Game Experience Plane we have built a complex System of Intelligence that functions as a purpose-built Learning Operating System TM.


Using a combination of Semantic Analytics, Social Network Analysis and Machine Learning based inference, we are able to dynamically adjust the Learning Game parameters at individual and group level  to guarantee an engaging learning experience.​


Because the Learning Game is happening in the flow of work, we have the ability to measure real learning metrics and their impact to the business presenting advanced learning analytics to the L&D and Business Managers within the organization.


Peter Senge

"The rate at which organizations learn may soon become the only sustainable source of competitive advantage"


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