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AI for Learning: A New Program to Empower HR and L&D Professionals

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

We are excited to introduce AI for Learning, an exceptional learning program designed exclusively for HR and L&D professionals, offered for free and for a limited time to 5 selected companies.

Developed by The AI Academy, AI for Learning offers HR and L&D professionals a unique opportunity to explore the transformative potential of AI with the objective to understand and embrace AI techniques. This innovative program combines the power of self-directed learning with the guidance of expert coaches, empowering professionals to harness AI's capabilities and drive innovation in their fields.

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In 4 weeks we'll explore the following questions:

How is AI impacting Learning?
What does an L&D professional need to learn to thrive in an AI world?
How can an L&D professional become powerful with AI?
How can an L&D professional help its company to embrace AI?

Blending Self-Directed Learning with Expert Coaching

AI for Learning understands the importance of self-directed learning in today's dynamic educational landscape. It provides HR and L&D professionals with an immersive self-directed experience where they can explore AI applications in their domains. In addition, the program incorporates weekly live coaching sessions, offering invaluable guidance, insights, and mentorship throughout the learning journey.

Program Highlights

1. Self-Directed Learning Experience

AI for Learning embraces the power of self-directed learning, allowing professionals to navigate their own educational journey. Through a flexible and interactive workplace learning platform, participants can explore AI concepts, engage in hands-on activities, and access a community's shared resources at their own pace. This self-directed approach ensures individualized learning experiences that cater to professionals' unique needs and interests.

2. Weekly Live Coaching Sessions

The program features weekly live coaching sessions facilitated by expert coaches who specialize in both AI and HR/L&D domains. These sessions serve as opportunities for professionals to receive personalized guidance, ask questions, and delve deeper into specific topics. The expert coaches offer invaluable insights, share real-world examples, and provide mentorship, enriching the learning experience.

3. Collaborative Learning Community

AI for Learning nurtures a collaborative learning community where professionals can connect and learn from each other. Through request and offer dynamics, internal knowledge sharing, gamified experience, and networking features, participants can exchange ideas, share insights, and collaborate. This community-driven approach promotes continuous learning and the exploration of AI's potential in HR and L&D.

4. Built in the flow of work

AI for Learning empowers learning in the flow of work by being delivered in The Village App inside Microsoft Teams environment. Learners can securely share their learning experience inside the organization together with a group of colleagues.

5. Final report

At the end of the program, professionals will receive a final report with anonymized insights and benchmarks across all selected companies.

6. Public recognition

Selected companies will also have the chance to opt-in to be included in public announcements and be publicly recognized as an innovative organization.


AI for Learning Program offers HR and L&D professionals a unique learning experience that combines self-directed exploration with expert coaching. By blending self-paced learning with weekly live coaching sessions, professionals can unlock the transformative potential of AI in their fields. Through an innovative learning approach, collaborative engagement, and personalized guidance, participants will gain the knowledge and skills to drive innovation and harness the power of AI in HR and L&D practices.

To learn more about AI for Learning and join this groundbreaking program, click here. Embark on this innovative learning journey and empower yourself to shape the future of HR and L&D with AI.

The AI for Learning program is open for enrollment. Don’t loose the chance to be selected, apply for the program today.










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