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The AI Academy and Algar Group Featured on World Economic Forum's Reskilling Revolution Program for their initiative “Reinventing Workplace Learning in the Era of AI”

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São Paulo, 16/01/24 – The AI Academy and Algar Group proudly announce the selection of their initiative titled "Reinventing Workplace Learning in the Era of AI'' in support of the Reskilling Revolution program by the World Economic Forum. This recognition underscores their commitment to advancing education, upskilling, and reskilling initiatives on a global scale.

This visionary initiative, a collaborative effort between The AI Academy and Algar Group, addresses the evolving needs of today's workforce in the face of rapid technological advancements. The program aspires to create thriving workplaces where learning and working blend and introduces an innovative approach designed to revolutionize continuous learning at large corporations.

Recognizing that learning in the contemporary world must be continuous, adaptive, and seamlessly integrated into daily work routines, this initiative stands as a beacon for the future of workplace education. The aim is to scale this groundbreaking program globally, implementing AI agents within Workplace Learning Platforms to enable upskilling and reskilling at scale.

Committed to the Reskilling Revolution

The Reskilling Revolution Commitments, promoted by the World Economic Forum as part of their Reskilling Revolution initiative, aim to highlight impactful, multi stakeholder efforts addressing the critical need to prepare millions of learners for the demands of tomorrow's economies. 

The Reskilling Revolution Commitments underscores the importance of collective impact. The AI Academy and Algar Group's joint initiative not only aligns with the goals of the Reskilling Revolution but also serves as a model for best-in-class skilling initiatives.

Quotes from Stakeholders

"AI is unleashing a transformative tidal wave on the global labor market, yet our tools for upskilling and reskilling millions fall short of meeting this immense challenge. This shortfall highlights the urgent relevance of the World Economic Forum's Reskilling Revolution program. Our involvement as supporters of this initiative, and the recognition of our Reinventing Workplace Learning program , underscore our commitment to driving essential changes in the global workforce. We are honored to contribute to this timely endeavor, poised to reshape how we adapt and thrive in this new era."

Carmelo Iaria, Founder and CEO at The AI Academy

"Our collaboration with The AI Academy reflects Algar Group's dedication to fostering a culture of continuous learning. The Reskilling Revolution Commitments recognition encourages us to further amplify our efforts in reshaping how organizations approach workforce development."

Thaís Pazini, Head of Corporate Culture at Algar Group

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About The AI Academy

The AI Academy is an EdTech company based in São Paulo, Brazil. Focused on empowering large organizations, The AI Academy facilitates the creation of collaborative environments for internal upskilling and reskilling at scale. With innovative solutions and a commitment to making corporate learning engaging, measurable, and scalable, The AI Academy stands at the forefront of leveraging artificial intelligence for transformative learning experiences. ​​Their goal is to help companies create workplaces where employees can combine their skills, learning, and passions to achieve their greatest potential. 

About Algar Group

The Algar Group, headquartered in Uberlândia, MG, Brazil, operates across diverse sectors such as Telecom, Agro, Tourism, Technology, and Services. With a dedicated workforce of approximately 16,000 individuals, including both direct hires and independent contractors, Algar is deeply committed to the ongoing development of its associates and the enhancement of its organizational culture. With a strong emphasis on learning, Algar has invested in its associates for 25 years through UniAlgar, a renowned corporate university, particularly recognized in Brazil for Training & Development (T&D), especially among the leadership. For Algar, learning is ingrained in its DNA, emphasizing continuous development as the key to creating a lasting impact.

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