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The AI Academy Selects Credo AI & its Governance Software to Bring Responsible AI to South America

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Credo AI, an AI governance platform that empowers organizations to deliver and adopt artificial intelligence responsibly. This partnership will enable The AI Academy to offer its clients even robust AI-driven services thanks to Credo AI's Responsible AI Governance Platform and resources for developing and evaluating responsible AI/ML systems.

Together, Credo AI and The AI Academy are committed to empowering businesses across South America, promoting and operationalizing responsible AI practices through Credo AI’s Responsible AI Governance Platform.

Credo AI is the leading AI governance platform that empowers organizations to deliver and adopt artificial intelligence responsibly, safely, and confidently by proactively measuring, monitoring, and managing AI risks. Credo AI helps organizations of all sizes, including Global 2000s, SMBs, and startups, unlock AI's innovative potential while ensuring compliance with emerging global regulations and standards, like the EU AI Act and NIST AI Risk Management Framework, effectively and efficiently.

The AI Academy is a provider of cutting-edge AI technologies and services, offering scalable solutions for large enterprise companies. The AI Academy aims to transform the way people learn and work today by innovating corporate learning and developing GenAI solutions that bring businesses to the next level.

By leveraging the Responsible AI Governance platform, The AI Academy can confidently implement AI initiatives with the assurance of adhering to responsible AI practices and robust governance frameworks across their enterprise clients. This partnership allows both organizations to combine their strengths and effectively navigate AI and governance's complex and emerging landscape.

The partnership between The AI Academy and Credo AI will benefit both organizations and their respective audiences by enhancing the quality and relevance of AI services and fostering a culture of responsible and trustworthy AI among the next generation of AI professionals.

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