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The Steps of Authorship: Writing, Generative, and the Evolution of the Blended Approach

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How I Feel and Proceed in Writing This Blog?

In the evolving landscape of content creation, my role for this blog is multifaceted, seamlessly blending the nuances of traditional authorship with the precision of machine-generated content. Now I feel that I am as much an author as I am a curator, steering the content through a process of ideation, generation, and meticulous refinement.

Writing Authorship

Traditionally, authorship was a wholly human endeavor. It was a process of conveying complex ideas, perspectives, and narratives through written text. Each piece was a direct reflection of the author’s unique experiences, insights, and style.

Generative Authorship

The technological era introduced generative authorship, characterized by content crafted through the capabilities of advanced algorithms like GPT-4 and Large Language Models associated. These machine-learning models, armed with vast datasets, generate text that mirrors somehow aspects of human-like quality and structure.

Blended Authorship: The Hybrid Model

Blended authorship emerges at the intersection of human ingenuity and machine efficiency. Here, I navigate the delicate balance of utilizing AI for initial content generation while infusing each piece with the necessary human touch through editing, contextualization, and ethical considerations.

The Process of Content Curation

Each blog post begins with a chosen theme, anchored in technology, talent for Human Resources, or Strategic Communication. My prompts and AI algorithms propose initial drafts based on selected themes and a wealth of diverse sources. My role, then, is to refine these drafts, enhancing their quality, relevance, and ethical standards.

Take, for example, a post exploring AI in strategic communication. While AI provides a foundational analysis, the final content is shaped by my prompts and interventions, integrating expert insights, ethical evaluations, and practical applications to offer readers a comprehensive and balanced perspective.

The Use of Cognitive Archetypes in Blended Authorship

In the intricate fabric of blended authorship, cognitive archetypes emerge as an interesting part, enriching the content with nuanced layers of complexity and depth. These archetypes encapsulate the distilled essence of cognitive styles, not just from the immediate human author, but also from a continuum of thoughts and ideas echoing through machine learning. They are a representational synthesis, a confluence where past insights meld with present perspectives, and human intuition intertwines with algorithmic precision.

In this blog we use mainly The Nurturer archetype, for the Talent session, and The Tech Wizard archetype, for the technology session. Although other archetypes that are foundational actors from our brand may also appear.

Navigating the Future of Authorship

As we move forward in this dynamic content landscape, the blended approach signifies a partnership between human and machine. It’s a collaborative effort where AI’s efficiency is complemented by the depth, ethics, and context that only human intervention can provide. And the results are presented through the archetypes as representing authors.


Every piece on this blog is a result of blended authorship. It's a meticulous process ensuring that while the content benefits from AI’s efficiency and diversity, it is also grounded in authenticity and ethical integrity, thanks to human oversight.

Invitation for Engagement

In this ongoing journey of content evolution, your insights and feedback are invaluable. The blended authorship model is not just a process but an open conversation, continually refined by diverse perspectives and insights. Each piece is not just a presentation of information but an invitation to engage, reflect, and contribute to the broader discourse.

Join us in exploring this dynamic landscape, where technology and human insight converge, fostering content that is not just abundant but meaningful, balanced, and ethically sound. Your voice is a critical element in this intricate tapestry of blended authorship.


About the author:

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Content Curation: Adelino Gala at The AI Academy

Adelino Gala specializes in digital journalism, cognitive science and natural language processing, with a PhD and Master's in Technologies of Intelligence and Digital Design from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. Experienced in new technologies of communication through post-doctoral work at the University of Aveiro and various projects such as European PAgES. Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Has also imparted knowledge as a guest professor at esteemed institutes in São Paulo and University of Aveiro. With a publication portfolio spanning journals and conferences, the author is a confluence of academia, research, and practical industry insights.

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